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The Virtual Economy 👩‍🎤

A guide for leaders to thrive in the 3rd age of the Internet.


About the book

How to thrive in the exciting virtual future.

There is a new generation waiting on our doorsteps, flourishing in virtual worlds and virtual communities. They think and act differently, from leisure over work and everything in between.

The third wave of the Internet is unfolding in front of our eyes, but what is it about and which opportunities will the emerging virtual economy create for businesses, governments & society at large? How do you win in a world accelerated by artificial intelligence, immersive virtual environments, and blockchain technologies?

This book will guide you through the different layers of the virtual economy and how you can leverage its potential to serve the next generation of customers, communities and citizens. 

Prepare yourself for the promising future of the next generation and get ready to delight them.  

"The world is moving at an undeniably faster pace than it used to, and we owe it to our businesses and to our colleagues to look beyond our current modus operandi. 'The Virtual Economy' allows us to better understand a world of new consumers and new habits, and see it as an opportunity to take action proactively and make a positive difference in our ever-evolving communities."

Michael Chalhoub, President Strategy, Growth, Innovation, Investment & Joint Ventures at Chalhoub Group

What You Will Learn ✅


How to create Magic for the next generations, doubling down on Experience, Community & Loyalty


How to Power your organisation for the Man-Machine (AI) age through People, Process & Platform


How to get in action tomorrow with our 5 steps Carte Blanche Strategy to thrive in the virtual economy


About the authors ✍🏻

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Ready to start your journey? 😀

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